Fall Mani Ideas

I love seasonal manicures. I just can’t bring myself to paint my nails bright pink in November. Unless I really want to have pink nails. This fall I have been loving earthy, bronze tones. My pale skin doesn’t wear earth tones well, so I have to pick my neutrals carefully. I have been wearing a lot of Rubble, Sugared Spice and Iced Cappuccino from CND Shellac.


I have a “capsule” mentality when it comes to polish. I don’t have a ton of colors. Shellac is pretty expensive and I’m not doing anybody else’s nails. If I buy it, I’m the only one using it. I will occasionally do my sister’s or niece’s nails, but as we live in different states, it is rare. So, I get creative with the colors that I do have. Glitter, jewels or studs are an inexpensive way to switch up your mani without having to buy more colors of polish.  Hmm, which look will I pick for this weekend?


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