2021 September Challenge Week 1

I know it isn’t actually September 1st, but I do better starting challenges on Monday. So, this is the first week of my September challenge. Today and rest of the week I will focus on water intake. I’m not certain about how much water I should be drinking. I took my weight divided it in half and that is how many ounces of water I’m trying to drink. I think that is still an accepted way to figure out how much water your body needs. I just Googled “how much water should I drink” and apparently I should now be drinking 2/3 of my body weight. I didn’t need a calculator for half, but I need one for 2/3. OK, so I guess I need to drink one more glass every day. Less than one glass, but I like to make things easy and I already had to do math.

So far today I’ve had 75 ounces of water. If I have one more glass I will exceed my goal. I feel pretty good about today. I was home most of the day and that made drinking easy. I’ll have to remember to pack a water bottle when I’m out of the house.




Day 4 : Under goal



September Challenge take 2

How can it be September again? I mean, I’m ready for cooler weather and kids back in school, but time is just slipping away from me. I never got my bikini body this summer. Oh, dear I’m laughing so hard I can’t see the screen. OK, this middle aged mom isn’t even dreaming of ever being in a bikini again and I am fine with that. I do want to be healthy and fit into my clothes again. So, here I am, looking at September and a brand new start.

Goal 1: track water intake
Goal 2: 20 minutes of dedicated movement every day
Goal 3: balanced meals at home
Goal 4: take time for me: start golf lessons, take a literature class, start a new craft project

Four goals for four weeks. Each week I will focus on one goal. I can (and should) start exercising the first week, but it won’t be my focus until week 2. I want to set goals that are achievable and not set myself up for failure. Usually I try to do everything at once and end up burned out after three days. I’m really going to try and go slow this month.

To keep track of my goals I’m going to use MyFitnessPal app. There are probably newer and better diet apps, but I have this one on my phone and have used it for years. The only thing it won’t keep track of is goal 4, but that will really be more of a reward for achieving the other three goals.

Ready? Take a sip of water and GO!