September challenge take 2 – recap

I’m still trying. I think that is the important thing to remember. I haven’t given up and I have some more ideas. I’m having some difficulties with exercise. Drinking plenty of water has been the easiest goal to meet. I’m doing pretty well with my diet. I’m eating at home and this week I have some healthier options planned. I started a class on Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and it has been wonderful. We meet two hours a week and I always look forward to that time. I also started a new knitting project because it is fall and I have yarn that needs to become a sweater. So, I feel good mentally, spiritually, emotionally, but I need some work on the physical. I know my endo is affected directly by my diet. I know regular gentle exercise helps my migraines. Why can’t I do the things I want to do? My flesh is so weak! Maybe I will build up to a 20 minute workout. That sounds ridiculous, but obviously I’m not doing 20 minutes so I have to start somewhere. My plan will be to do the PBS and then organs in place and half frogs and then diva derriere. Maybe once I get moving I’ll want to do the whole workout and if not at least I did something.


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