Fall Mani Ideas

I love seasonal manicures. I just can’t bring myself to paint my nails bright pink in November. Unless I really want to have pink nails. This fall I have been loving earthy, bronze tones. My pale skin doesn’t wear earth tones well, so I have to pick my neutrals carefully. I have been wearing a lot of Rubble, Sugared Spice and Iced Cappuccino from CND Shellac.


I have a “capsule” mentality when it comes to polish. I don’t have a ton of colors. Shellac is pretty expensive and I’m not doing anybody else’s nails. If I buy it, I’m the only one using it. I will occasionally do my sister’s or niece’s nails, but as we live in different states, it is rare. So, I get creative with the colors that I do have. Glitter, jewels or studs are an inexpensive way to switch up your mani without having to buy more colors of polish.  Hmm, which look will I pick for this weekend?


Nail Gallery

I love to do my nails. I love natural stuff and all, but I want my nails done. When I was in high school I had acrylic nails. I know, super bad for you, especially for a kid. Some time in college I must have stopped that. In beauty school, Miss Jenny taught us about the evils of artificial nails. Of course, Alaska had pretty lax rules concerning nail techs at the time, so she was just watching out for us. Anyway, when CND came out with Shellac my manicure schedule was changed. I used to paint my nails at least, AT LEAST once a week. I was a hairdresser, do you know how hard that is on your nails? Now that I am a housewife my nails still take quite a beating. But my polish looks great. Plus, I have Pinterest to get new manicure ideas.

So, I wanted a place where I could save pictures of the manicures I have done. Then I remembered I have a blog! I can make my own gallery! So much better than flipping through all the pictures on my phone. I’m still not skilled at adding pictures to my posts so this might take a little work. WordPress probably has a tutorial I could use, but that would require effort. I’ll just mess up a page and then I’ll look for help. It’s the way I work!



Don’t think I need to do that Forth of July mani again, ever. Almost as bad as my gallery work. This blog may never be pretty. Or maybe it will become a job and I’ll get training and go to conventions and my life will change. But probably not. I think I’ll check out some more manicures on Pinterest.