I need a pause button on life for a couple of days. When everyone is healthy and happy it is pretty easy to keep up with life. As soon a something goes wrong everything begins to disintegrate. My youngest woke up at 2 am on Sunday with a sore throat, she still isn’t feeling well and my priorities have shifted. Now my oldest isn’t feeling well. So, I’m going to take one more week to focus on my water consumption. If I get sick, more water will help and even if I don’t get sick I can focus on my kids without adding more to my plate. Now we just have to juggle picture days and mountain bike races, doctor appointments and test results. Adding exercise can wait for another week.

Week 1: 90 oz of water a day COMPLETE

Week 2: 90 oz of water a day

Week 3: 20 minutes dedicated movement

Week 4: Balanced meal planning

Week 5: reward with a new class

I think a pot of chicken soup is in order. Time to get out the Instant Pot.


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