Daith Piercing – We’ll See

This might have been a mistake. I have thought about having a daith piercing for around two years now, not seriously, but playing with the idea. When my daughter decided she was ready to have her ears pierced I (stupidly) agreed to have mine done too. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence on the internet that suggests daith piercings help with migraine. I have two friends who claim it helped them with their migraines. So, I made an appointment at the closest tattoo shop and felt mildly nauseous until the time arrived. The shop was nice and clean and the girls working there were really sweet. One of my friends who had the piercing done already told me that “It hurt like heck,” which is strong language for her. She was right. It hurt, a lot. There was a lot of pain and a lot of pressure and then more pain. That night as a lie in bed, with a migraine, and my ear on fire I thought to myself “What have I done?” I had a migraine for the next three days. The instant relief that others had claimed was not so instant with me.

Today is my one week anniversary of my daith piercing. I have had three days migraine free and we will see how this day goes. I’m hoping it turns out like my experience with Lasik. In that it will be fantastic, but I would never do it again. I’m writing this to remind myself, that even if this does end up helping my migraines, it wasn’t quick and it “hurt like heck”!


Review of Nature’s Dairy-free creamer nutpods


It is great to have dairy-free milk for your cereal and creamer for your coffee, but I am always looking for dairy-free milks to use in cooking. Have you ever bought an unsweetened box of milk to find that it contained “natural flavors” that made your chicken and dumplings taste of vanilla? Or had a dessert turn out too sweet because you couldn’t figure out how much to adjust the sugar to compensate for the coffee creamer? I might be the only one, except for the chicken and dumplings because that was my sister.
My new favorite product is nutpods. So far I have used it in my coffee, tea, chai, hot chocolate, gravy and made the best mashed potatoes I have had in ages! Even my dairy eating husband thought they were the best mashed potatoes I have ever made. They were so creamy and didn’t have any weird flavors (like vanilla, coconut or almond). Even though I have a huge pot of Minestrone soup I might have to make mashed potatoes because I bought more nutpods! And a little cream in your gravy is always a nice touch. My aunt used to add a little half-and-half to the turkey gravy at holidays. I added a couple of tablespoons of nutpods to my pan gravy and served it over herb chicken, oh my, it was very good.

I am drinking chai right now and I can’t believe that it is dairy-free. ┬áSpeaking of chai, my favorite is from Blue Lotus Chai- Rooibos Masala Chai. I love that it is caffeine free and I can add how much of whatever sweetener I choose.


I don’t really have a story or anything to write, I just want to tell someone about the stuff I like. Maybe I’ll have a “favorite things” post. Not like Oprah, but for people who are going to a favorite things party and need some ideas. Who wouldn’t want to go home with coffee creamer?