September Challenge Step 2 – Day 2

I really didn’t want to move again today. I didn’t want to finish my workout after I started. Know what I had to do to get myself motivated? Visualize Zac Efron. I gotta do what works for me. I have to imagine that I might one day meet Mr. Efron and if that were to happen I don’t want to be a hot mess. It doesn’t matter that I will never catch a glimpse of him, let alone meet him, I just needed to believe the lie long enough to get moving. Now I am glad that I made myself move. I do feel better, I have energy. I know two days of working out does not make me a health guru or even moderately in shape, but I feel better. And feeling better is one of my goals. I’m gonna call today a win and it’s only noon.

Day 1 – Complete

Day 2 – Complete


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