Weekends Off? Bread Pudding!

During the week I do pretty good drinking green thickies, doing 15 minutes of T-Tapp and generally eating healthy, but then Saturday comes. On Saturday I have time to make a big breakfast with pancakes and bacon or biscuits and gravy or breakfast burritos or any number of yummy, not terribly healthy foods. I make desserts and think if I eat them over the weekend they don’t count. Yes, I mean eat the entire dessert over the weekend. I noticed my weight is creeping back up. This has to be a lifestyle not a job. But I love food! I am an equal opportunity food lover. I love veggies, and fresh healthy meals, but I love sugar and fried things too. I think I have to change the way I look at things. Weekends are not “off”. I need to eat healthy everyday. If I slip up that is fine, let it go and continue to eat healthy. When I designate a day off I feel like I need to make up for all the things I wanted to eat during the week. Instead of treating myself with one dessert I eat a weeks worth of food in two days. Not good. New plan. But first…

My mom loved bread pudding, she loved custardy bread pudding. Last weekend I found the best bread pudding recipe for people who love custard. Puerto Rican Budin.  Budin? Looks odd, but say it out loud and it sounds like pudding. This budin is a fabulous cross between bread pudding and flan. I didn’t remove the crust from my bread and it was not visually pleasing. Next time I’ll remove the crusts and make bread crumbs out of them. This recipe is adapted from Nande on Allrecipes.com. I’m sure someone could make this with whole wheat bread, stevia and rice milk, but I don’t think it would taste as good. I don’t want to make food my enemy. Maybe I should work out more. Good plan.


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