Greek Gyro Burgers

I’m so glad that hardly any one reads my blog. Every time I read the comments on popular blogs I feel so bad for the writer. Why are people so harsh? Sometimes I write something nice just to offset some of the negativity. Why do people think that bloggers should be the absolute authority on what they are writing about? Everything doesn’t work for everyone. I’m pretty sure I would upset vegans with my writing. I’m not vegan, I’m not writing for a vegan audience, I’m writing for myself and some family and friends. So here is a recipe designed to offend vegetarians, vegans, anti-soy people(which I usually am, but I can’t find a good sour cream) people who don’t want cancer from grilling, gluten free people and Greeks!

I love Greek food.  I am not Greek, have never been to Greece and don’t have a Greek restaurant that I frequent. I occasionally have Greek food at restaurants, I LOVED going to the Greek festival when I lived in Anchorage, and I would love nothing better than be able to order a gyro at a food truck. However, tzatziki is made with yogurt and that would make me sick, but without the sauce what is the point?  I have a recipe for gyro meat, but it is way too involved.  So, here is a recipe that is easy and tastes good.



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