Some DAM Ideas

The morning after a migraine is difficult. The pain is dramatically less, but still present. The confusion and body aches are at a peak. Why am I trying to write anything after my migraine last night? Well, I want to have a resource, a protocol, or at least some ideas for coping the “day after migraine”.

1. Make a pot of herbal tea. Something that sounds good like vanilla rooibos, African Nectar or peppermint.

2. Have something to eat. Low or no sugar is best and have protein. Poached eggs and toast. Scrambled egg breakfast sandwich. Mama always wanted dairy, like cottage cheese. 

3. Don’t strain your eyes. Don’t write a blog post. Refrain from social media, reading, knitting. Aunt Sandi recommends laundry, gardening (with a hat and sunglasses), dusting, baking/cooking something you don’t need a recipe for. If you don’t want to move get an audio book. Take breaks!

4. Don’t sabotage yourself. Yes, things need to be done, but stressing out over it will just lead to another migraine. Accept help. Ask for help. Prioritize!



Migraine Diet

I had two migraines or one migraine and a rebound migraine this weekend. Plus several others over Christmas break. I had several years with very few migraines. When I was pregnant or nursing I didn’t suffer any. But they seem to be coming back with a vengeance. So, what did I do to deserve these horrible things? Sulfites? Nitrites? Caffeine? All the above? Or was it hormonal or emotional? I don’t know, but I am willing to do anything to not have migraines regularly. Except give up chocolate. If I have a migraine every time I eat chocolate, I will consider giving it up. I know caffeine is a big trigger for me. If I have a regular espresso drink in the morning by evening I will have a migraine. Is there too much caffeine in chocolate? Will I have to give up the occasional iced tea or decaf coffee? Will life be worth living? Might as well become a vegan, give up sugar and anything that might taste good. A bit melodramatic? Well, my plan it to try to live on green smoothies for a few days, until the hangover headache is gone. That lasted until lunch, when I want food. Veggie soups and salads also in the plan. Then I’ll add other food back in. No ham, bacon or sausage or any lunch meats, no chocolate, no caffeine, no alcohol, (getting depressed), no additives or preservatives, that means no fast food/junk food EVER. I know this is the diet I should follow all the time, but…but…but, bacon and chocolate… Big breath, it can be done. The thing is that stress also causes migraines and I am starting to feel stressed about this eating plan. Breathe. I really should just avoid things that I know are triggers for me. And perhaps start a food journal. Starting now.
Green smoothie:
almond milk, banana, blueberries, spirulina, chia seeds, spinach, coconut spread

Mexican Veggie Soup
tomatoes, black eyed peas, kidney beans, rice, elk burger, onions, celery, spinach, carrots

Mexican Veggie Soup