Ginger Vodka, I mean Preserving Fresh Ginger

I had a bad habit of buying fresh ginger, using about two inches of it and then letting the rest of it rot in my pantry. My mom would put hers in the freezer, but I didn’t think that worked well. The ginger became spongy and tasted like the freezer. I think she kept it in the freezer instead of throwing it out. For some reason we don’t feel so guilty about throwing food away if we have kept it over a year. I knew there had to be a better plan. So, I looked to the internet for an answer. Thank you Crunchy Betty! She is kinda done posting for now, and I miss reading new stuff from her. However, there is still a ton on her blog that I refer to as needed. Anyway, I peeled 1/2 a pound of fresh ginger with the side of a spoon and then popped it into a pint jar and covered it with vodka. Perfect for grating into stir fry.  Also, perfect for ginger in smoothies.  I didn’t think about drinking the vodka until I had two little knobs of ginger floating in a pint of vodka. Hmm…what to do? To the internet! I found several recipes that looked promising. I used what I had in the fridge and made what I will call a Ginger Vodka Cocktail.

3 oz ginger infused vodka
juice of half a lime
1 oz honey syrup (half honey half water)

Pour into a shaker with ice. Shake, strain into chilled martini glass.

This would probably also be good in a high ball glass with ice and soda. I’ll try that next time. It will probably be awhile. I don’t drink often and plus I have to use my ginger first.