September Challenge Day 4

Thursday. This is the day that my resolutions usually fall apart. I’m tired and hungry and just want to quit. That is why I’m taking it slow this time. All I have to focus on is water consumption. I’ve been drinking 90 ounces every day. Today I’m using a smaller glass, so we will see how that works. I’m feeling pretty good and I am looking forward to adding exercise next week. I’m not a person to look forward to exercise, but 20 minutes of T-Tapp instead of looking at my phone will feel good. Already my body is looking more like my body and less like my grandma’s, so that is progress! I am not going to weigh myself regularly. I know that is a big deal for many people, but my body can change a lot without changing weight. I have a couple pieces of clothing that I will be using to gauge my progress. I might take some measurements too, but I’m not too concerned with numbers right now.

Right now, I feel good about what I have accomplished. I’m going to focus on water until Sunday and then my attention will shift to physical activity. By adding exercise I feel confident that my water intake will not decrease. I’ll still keep track of how many glasses I drink, but if I forget I won’t worry about it. I know one week won’t be enough to make a habit stick, but I’m hoping that these goals lead into the next goal.

Water is the foundation of better health. Exercise should lead to more water consumption. Feeling and seeing the results of exercise will inspire me to improve my diet.

I don’t want to change my diet drastically. That is usually what burns me out the quickest. I’m not focusing on losing weight, I want to make healthy, balanced meals that my family will enjoy. They don’t want frozen pizza and chicken nuggets anymore. They would also be unhappy about a green smoothie diet, or a grain-free vegan diet. I need to go through my recipes, find healthy choices my family likes and plan accordingly. I have an entire year of menus, it shouldn’t be too hard. It won’t be hard. I can do this!


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