The hamburger problem

The last few days I have been doing some soul-searching and veggie burger eating. I have been wondering if I could become a Vegan. Okay, you know what? I can’t be labeled. There. I don’t need to eat meat everyday, but I want turkey on Thanksgiving and I want ham on Christmas and/or Easter. I might occasionally make a cake using organic, free-range eggs. I like honey. And my favorite food is…hamburgers. The only meat I have eaten in the last month was a hamburger. And it tasted good. I had my first veggie burger a few days later. We went to The Boise Fry Co. and the fries were fabulous. The vegan burger however was not great. Now, it was my first veggie burger so I didn’t have very high expectations. It was made from black beans, and possibly quinoa or another grain I couldn’t identify. If I go back I might try the bison burger or just stick with the fries. The next day I grilled an Amy’s California Veggie Burger. It wasn’t too bad, much better than the house-made vegan burger. I also grilled beets to use in a veggie burger recipe. A beet and black bean burger. It had so many ingredients and so many steps, it took an age to make them. And I couldn’t finish it. I worked so hard, I even made buns, and I couldn’t eat it. Now I have a mixing bowl full of veggie burger sitting in my fridge. Maybe if I baked them and then heated them up on the grill covered in BBQ sauce I could choke one down. Erg! I hate it when things don’t turn out right in my kitchen. I have a mess to clean up and nothing to show for it. BOO! I might need to eat some cake and watch an old movie.


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