Temporarily Vegan

I have 2 days left of my 7 day green thickie diet. I am feeling confused about the way I regard veganism. I will not give up eating meat for ethical reasons, I will spend more money and take more time to find free range, grass-fed animals though. If I want convenience I can order meat from Azure Standard or Tropical Traditions. I’m hoping that my husband will provide us with wild game this Fall. I could take my girls fishing this Summer. Will I go back to eating meat? Red meat? Hamburgers are one of my all-time favorite foods. Could I consider giving them up? Am I considering giving them up?
Anyway, here is my menu for my veggie week:

Brown Rice with stir-fry vegetables
Vegan Chili
Vegan Zucchini Patties
Humus with Veggie Dippers
Grilled Mixed Vegetables
Vegan Alfredo with Whole Wheat (or GF) Pasta
Black Bean Tacos with Avocado

It was a good experiment and I might do it again. I will probably do it again.


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