Croque Madame

So, I get this little magazine called Prevention. Magazines, as a rule, do not represent or support the lifestyle that I and my family live. However, I still get a little thrill when I get one in the mail. I especially like magazines with recipes. And Prevention has recipes that I can make in a reasonable amount of time and not feel guilty about serving to my family. In the April 2014 edition there was a section on breakfast. I love breakfast and healthy breakfast is even better! I found a gem. They call it “A Better Croque Madame” and I made it even better by making it dairy-free. The only thing is it takes about half an hour to make and that doesn’t really work for my morning schedule. But this sammie is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or better yet a lazy Saturday (I’m sure there are people in the world who have those). In my dairy days I loved grilled ham and cheese. I did not know that I should have been calling them Croque Monsieur sandwiches (I try to avoid any French as I have a horrible accent and there always seems to be too many letters). In Brazil I ate grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with fried eggs in them. The eggs were cooked hard so you could pick up the sandwich. I also had a pizza topped with ham and fried eggs (not my favorite). Now this little sandwich is like restaurant food. I am not a sandwich person, but a grilled sandwich topped with a fried egg? That’s just good. I ate one yesterday and now after writing this I want another! I have already lost count of how many I have eaten this since I got the magazine, I might have a Croque Madame problem.

Croque Madame

I am excited to have this recipe written down so I can recycle the magazine. I have a little stash of magazines that I have saved for one article or recipe, I have to stop that.



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