Handmade Christmas or Another Way to Stick It to the Man!

I did not shop on Black Friday.  I don’t like shopping, I hate crowds, I don’t like early mornings, or leaving my house late at night, there is nothing appealing about Black Friday.  This year I am making ‘oil cleansing method’ baskets for all the women in my family.  Good thing no one actually reads this blog or the surprise would be ruined.  Anyway, I already asked my sister what she wanted, so no surprise there.  I can’t be the only person who would rather get what they asked for instead of a surprise.  Anyway, Crunchy Betty has plenty of ideas and instructions on the OCM.  She is the reason I use oil to cleanse my face.  This post is another attempt to record my recipes, to measure ingredients and generally do a bit of organizing.

In my baskets I will include cleansing oil, 2-part toner (if I can find an appropriate container for the powdered goat milk), moisturizing oil and a scrub or body oil or lotion bar and probably lip balm.  Now, how I am going to package these items and send them around the Pacific Northwest is a mystery.  Oil is a bit tricky to ship.  Well, I’ll figure that out later.


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