A Clean Pantry! Woo Hoo!

I spent half the day Saturday organizing my pantry and my desk.  I looked at pictures of organized pantries on Pinterest and there is no way that those are real pantries in people’s houses.  They must be photo shoots for some organizing magazine or from professional organizer brochures or people who have no kids, don’t cook and  spend all their time organizing their pantry.  Is it necessary to put all of my sugars and flours in matching glass canisters with fancy labels?  Should I pour all of my vinegar and oils into vintage flip-top bottles?  Wallpaper the shelf backs?  Put my potatoes in wire baskets?  No!  But if I had the money to hire someone to do it for me I sure would!  I have always wanted a house that looked like it came out of Better Homes and Gardens, but I just don’t get it.  Decorating is a mystery to me.  It’s like fashion, I can watch shows and look at magazines, but I can’t figure out how to look like those people.  And I don’t mean the starving, walking stick-people aspect, I mean the clothes.  I am a woman, I am creative and crafty, artistic even, but interior design and decorating are completely beyond me.  I know it doesn’t take money alone.  I have seen regular people with lovely homes and I don’t know a lot of rich people, but their homes were lovely too, but I’m sure there are rich people with ugly homes.  Wait, I have seen houses on TV that were huge and expensive and UGLY.  So, it’s not just me.  Maybe I’ll use this blog to have a little adventure in decorating.  Or maybe I’ll try to get my recipes organized, my exercise regulated, my menus printed every month, my nails manicured and my skin and body care regimens written down.  Yes, that seems like that should keep me busy.  Maybe when my kids are in college I’ll take an adult-ed class in interior design.  Good plan.


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