Smoothie Bag and the Kale Cubes

Overripe bananas? Opened can of pineapple? Too much fruit salad? Costco sized tub of baby spinach? All of these are perfect candidates for the Smoothie Bag! Having smoothie ingredients in the freezer ready to go makes mornings easier and helps keep the fridge clean. In my freezer I have a 2 gallon Ziploc bag, full of quart sized bags, full of bananas and frozen cubes of fruit and veggies. I bought a silicone ice-cube tray that is just right.
Yesterday I used the last of my fresh baby spinach, but not to worry I have kale in the fridge. I have left kale in the fridge until it turned into a bag of green slime and I don’t want that to happen again. So, I decided to make kale cubes. It’s a bit like baby food, except that I didn’t cook the kale. (And I don’t remember ever trying to feed my babies kale.)

Kale Cubes

1/4 Cup orange juice, plus more for pulsing
fresh kale, rinsed and ribs removed

We’ve all watched Rachael Ray remove the stems from kale, right? Just lightly pinch the leaf and gently pull the stem. Rinse and drain the de-stemmed kale. Pour 1/4 cup of OJ into the blender, grab a small handful of kale and blend away. When the first handful is blended grab another and add it to the blender. Keep blending and adding more kale until you have added and blended all the kale (in the house).


Pour the lovely green gunge into an ice tray and pop it in the freezer.


Next morning you have perfectly portioned kale cubes to green up any smoothie!



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