Fall French Manicure


Before I became a mom (a lifetime ago) I went to cosmetology school.  I worked at an Aveda salon and I loved it.  Now when I get the kids in bed I play “Beauty Shop”.  I used CND Shellac for this manicure; Rubble and Studio White.  I used striping tape on my ring finger to make a nude channel for the amber gems.  I think this would work in a variety of colors.  Black and white, red and white, black and red, hmm I might need to redo my nails tomorrow.

I make most of my skin products myself.   I have cleared my cupboard of sulfates and parabens.  I prefer natural and organic and hippy-dippy weirdo stuff, but I don’t like naked nails.  I want my nails painted and my hair lightened (or darkened, depending on my mood).  People are complex.


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